Unexplored ways to Find Profitable Keywords and Niches with Low Competition

Are you the one tired of searching and digging SERP to find out keywords with maximum searches, Low difficulty,  easy to rank, convertible, buying keywords etc. Yes, you are at the right place as this article will solve all your problems of finding low competitive niches/keywords with high profit.

Here, I am going to unveil the ways that work 100% for me and will for many others in finding profitable ($$$$$) Niches and Keywords. There are many other ways to find keywords but to get most profitable results these methods have worked perfectly for me.

I have discussed the most working methods, but for getting most out of these methods, you need to look out for the Formula, discussed at the end. Here are some of the results that I got by using these Methods and Formula.
high traffic and low competition keywords 2017

how to find low competition keywords and niches having high traffic in 2017

How about these for affiliate :D, are not these quite good enough with this competition?

how to find low competition keywords and niches in 2017 low competition niches

Well, let’s just cut it short and start with the ways that come out to be most profitable for me.

1# Flippa – Market Places

Flippa is a marketplace to sell and buy websites, domains and apps. Why not taking ideas from all those sites which are already making money and getting good valuation. You can work on same sold niches and can find out niches related to those and even same niche in other location ;).


Go to Flippa.com and then websites > Just Sold

flippa for finding niches and keyword research

Now Apply filters, as per your desire. You can try different to get best out of it.

As I selected AdSense as monetization method and monthly profit greater than $100. And I got all those sold websites who were using AdSense as a revenue model and generating at least $100 per month.

Explore these sites, and put them in SEMrush for finding keywords, and dig more into the relevant niches.

flippa for finding niches with high traffic and low competition

There are some other buy/sell marketplaces too, you try these too.

2# SEMrush – Competitor Analysis

I always learn from my competitors, as i know they have done something great to become my competitor. And for competitor analysis SEMrush has been best so far .

SEMrush is one my most favorite tools, although some of their figures are not quite accurate but still its saves a lot of time and gives you a clear idea about your competitors.  It’s a bit pricey tool but if you want to get it in cheap then I myself have tried SEORDP. Where you can get it at very cheap price along with other worthy tools of price $2000+ in only $25.

Else, you get the SEMrush account there.


1: Find out your niche competitors, or any other site you want to explore.

2: Put the site in SEMrush search bar and click search.

3: Click on Positions on left menu

finding keywords using semrush 2017

Then click on search filters and explore filters as per your need.

As I set it to find out long tail keywords with searches greater than 3000 and having CPC $1+. So my I set filter as following

1st Filter: Having number of words greater than 5.

2nd Filter: Searches greater than 3000.

3rd Filter: CPC greater than $1.

semrush for high search keywords

After applying filters you can have many long tail keywords with good searches, you can check their difficulty on Moz, Ahrefs and most important is SERP.

Else, you can go for other competitor analysis tool like Ahrefs.

3# Social Media Networks

Incredible results can occur by exploring social media networks, yeah they work for everything, whether it is an affiliate, E-commerce, drop shipping, Adsense, etc.  They are best platforms for doing research, validation and finding valuable content.

Example: You want to select a product and want to promote it on Facebook then you can do product market validation on Facebook. You can check it’s engagement, audience interest, content created by your competitors etc.

For more advanced ways you can explore Facebook Graph Search.

Most of the sites that I use are

  • Facebook –> Search Graph, trends
  • Reddit –> Subreddits or Site:https://reddit.com keyword in Google search bar
  • Twitter –> Hashtags and Trends
  • Stumbleupon –> Interest based Content Ideas
  • Dig

For every Niche or Keyword, you must do site search on social media websites in google search bar, it is like

Site:Facebook.com Profitable Niches

To find out the trending topics on social networks you can try these sites too.

4# Quora – And Other Niche Forums

Quora has always been a source of great ideas, I have found niches, keywords, article topics etc. you just need to explore quora, search your niche and find trending topics in your niche look out for related questions being asked. You can use Quora and other forums too in SEMrush to filter out keywords. Do follow these steps to get best out of these forums

Step 1: Find Forum in your niche or look out your niche in forums by site search.

Step 2: Find popular high traffic trending posts.

Step 3: Look out for the keywords behind these popular posts (you use any tool like SEMrush, Google keyword planner, by putting that popular post URL in Google Keyword Planner).

trending posts on forum for finding low competitive keywords

These informative keywords can come out great for the sites monetized with AdSense. Here are some of the General niche forums you can start with.

Most of these are generic and cover all sort of topics, you can look out for niche forums to get more desired results.

5# Table of Contents

You can find out the table of contents on Wikipedia, Google Books and Amazon Kindle. Yeah, they don’t work out for every niche but still a very good way for content generation and in finding relevant niches.

Wikipedia is 6th most popular website in the world and you have to play a little smart to get best out of Wikipedia. Look for the table of contents in Wikipedia, similar terms and topics discussed in introductory section and use these keywords in google search to find out more relevant competitors and use their sites in SEMrush to extract long tale low competitive keywords.wikipedia table of contents for finding niches keywords

Find out books in your niche and explore their table of content to get more ideas and sub niches.

Finally The Formula!

Yeah, It is too quite simple as above methods. You need to play smart by combining all above methods with each other to get most beneficial results out of them. Each of these methods does stand alone for ideas but to get most beneficial results just play with all these methods.

Let’s take an Example:

I figured out a site about driving test information which was sold for around $10,000+ on Flippa and then put it in SEMrush and Ahrefs and took keywords and organic competitors from it. As this site was for UK specific only, now I have an opportunity to go for other countries or states etc. And by figuring out competitors, I found more niches which are different than driving and they can be even rank in each specific country.
Now, I am done on my side it is your turn to take the start and do give your feedback in the comments section, Thank you!

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    Written by Waleed Najam
    A Digital Marketer and Innovative Thinker who love to play with Data and analytics. I love to write on the methods and strategies that convert well for everyone.