Top SEO Expert in Dubai for 2020

Dubai no# 1 SEO Expert Waleed Najam

Are you the one looking for a top notch SEO Expert in Dubai?  Have you ever heard that SEO is Dead? It won’t work anymore, yes the statement is quite true and false either, let me clear this, SEO is not dead but the way it was done before is dead now in 2020. The year 2020 is started, Google and other search engine algorithms have evolved than ever before. Search Engines are using techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to evaluate user search queries. Google has launched algorithms like Rank Brain and BERT to evaluate the search results based on user intent.

7 Things That do not Work Anymore in 2020 For SEO in Dubai

  1. Old School link building is dead
  2. PBNs don’t work anymore
  3. Free Guest posting sites are trash
  4. Keyword Stuffing is useless after Rank Brain
  5. Putting the wrong Schema will negatively affect
  6. Bad user experience is a total game over
  7. Social bookmarking won’t index anymore

Certified seo specialist in dubai

Waleed Najam is Certified SEO Specialist in Dubai

I am certified by Google Ads, Digital Garage, Google Analytics and Bing Ads. I have been establishing a business for many big companies in Dubai through Search Engine Optimization and have helped them in generating millions of organic traffic. And now in 2020, SEO game has changed, after hours and months of research and testing, I have developed a successful white hat SEO strategy that has helped my clients in generating millions of organic traffic. And here, I can help you get your’s site on top as well.

4 Reasons to Choose Waleed over other SEO Expert in Dubai?

Being a top SEO expert in Dubai, I have defined a process flow of my work, and on basis of these four pillars, I have reached this success of becoming a Dubai based top SEO expert.

Innovation Innovation
We develop innovative strategies to growth hack the competition and to create valuable growth for the clients.
All clients have direct access to analytical tools, our lead, and many tracking softwares.
Commitment / Integrity
Providing high-touch expertise to each client to ensure maximum results while being the most inventive, effective and honest in the industry.
Proven Performance Proven Performance
We work on the strategies that are result oriented and bring the latest and greatest to our client.

Need of an SEO Consultant in Dubai

Being a Top SEO consultant in Dubai, I had to define an SEO strategy that works for each of my clients. And that can bring success to each of the businesses that I work on. Here are a few of the techniques that involve in my process, and these techniques are evergreen and will keep you on top of the SERP.

➤Keyword Research (buyer keywords, Informative, questionnaire, reviews etc)
➤On-Page Optimization (optimizing 20+ on page factors)
➤Deep Competitor Analysis (Analysis upto 5 SERP)
➤Off-Page Optimization (100% Google Animal Safe)
➤Technical SEO Auditing (rich snippet, Site Structure and Canonicals)
➤User Experience and CRO
➤Dynamic Sitemaps and Penalty Recovery
➤Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
➤Local SEO & GMB (Local search listing and Google Maps)
➤Structured Data and validations

My services include various paid SEO tools and some of them include Ahrefs, SEMrush, MOZ Pro, Majestic, Keyword Researcher Pro, Keyword Planner, long tail pro,, Pro Rank Tracker, Screaming Frog, Ninja Outreach, Scrapebox etc. And you’ll be getting them utilized for your business as free of cost.